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Solar boat dock eletrical power system

We no longer bid or design solar boat dock systems. We are leaving this information on the website to help you plan your own system. You can find every thing you need at OY Not. Solar Modules, Batteries, Inverters and a Charge Controller.

If you are thinking in the line of a solar boat dock you have  many options. Solar electricity has evolved to the point it  powers homes and business and has been used on boats and  boat docks for years. Solar electricity can be used to charge your trolling batteries  over night by the use of an inverter. It can easily power your  boatlift and provide lighting or even a security system. The  individual or professional installer can install a stand-alone systems. We recommend using a licensed electrician.

If there are public utility lines already hooked to your boat dock. You can change your dock  into a solar boat dock and use the utility as a backup for your solar. If the boat dock is not  being used the extra solar power produced can be back feed to the local utility.

You can get a full 30% tax credit for the total cost of the installed system till 2016. As signed in to law by George W Bush in 2008 in the first stimulus package. Check with your CPA for other  tax incentives provided by the state, local or federal government. The State of Arkansas like a lot of other states currently does not provide any incentives for using renewable power  sources.

Solar power system for a one boatlift solar boat dock.

Solar power system for a two boatlift solar boat dock.

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