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We can help you assemble the correct solar kit system for your home or business. A solar electric lit system for a warm climate will not work correctly in a cool location. We live in Arkansas, use our products and we know the climate.

Discover the advantages of a Grid Tied Solar kit with Battery Backup.

Grid tie solar panels kitsOutBack FlexPower One - Just add batteries and solar modules.
OutBack Flex Power Two - Pre Wired and ready to hang on the wall.

Ice storms, flooding, and other natural disasters have caused electrical power loss without notice in Arkansas, Missouri and other places around the country. Some outages have lasted for weeks at a time. It is important to have a backup plan that is safe and reliable and pays for its self over time. Solar panels pay for themselves by back feeding your unused electrical power production to the utility grid. In addision to this, A solar electric system with battery backup will pay for its self the first time you have a power outage. Your lights will stay on, and you will be able to keep up to date with the local weather and storm tracking on TV. All during a power outage. Be proactive, it is too late if you wait till you have an outage.

Will a Grid Tie Battery Backup System be the correct choice for you?

Consider this;
  • Battery Backup systems are not easily affected by Ice storms, broken tree limbs, or other causes of power outages.
  • Solar panels are constructed to withstand hailstorms and high wind speeds.
  • Renewable energy systems are normally covered by your home owners insurance.
  • Solar backup systems will help to ensure your morning, noon, and nighttime electricity is always working.
  • Battery backup systems ensure your food, security systems, and contact with the outside world remains unaffected.
  • Solar backup systems ensure constant water pumping to your livestock.
  • Solar panel kits help to limit CO2 and fossil fuel disposal and help preserve our planet.
  • Battery backup systems do not require gasoline.
  • Unlike a gasoline generator, Solar panels with battery backup will not keep you or your neighbors up at night.
  • Solar panels with battery backup increase the value of your home.
  • Grid Tie Solar Panel Systems protect you from Electric Company price increases and could eliminate your electricity cost.

Why buy an Oy Not Solar Panel Kit System?

Cost-Effective Assembling.
Pre Packaged Kit Systems offer a high value for a small investment; you spend less time hunting what you need for assembly.
Competitive Pricing.
Our products are considerably lower priced compared to the competitions solar pricing. And everything from one supplier with warehouses on each coast means you receive some of the lowest prices in the country.
Shipping Direct.
We ship our products direct from a warehouses on the east coast, west coast and central part of the United States. This means you receive fast product delivery with less damage from bouncing around in a truck.
We never lie to customers. We would rather part as friends than make a dishonest sale.
Complimentary Services.
Phone ordering assistance, and system set-up guidance.

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